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May 12, 2010

Full Draft – I Haz It!

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Completed a full draft of A TASTE FOR THE NIGHTLIFE, the first of the Vampire Chef novels, which will be coming out from Penguin Books next summer under the name of Sarah Zettel.

Twenty days early!  Go me!


April 6, 2010

Best Wishes to Marty Greenberg

Marty Greenberg, head of Tekno Books last week had to undergo surgery to correct internal bleeding.  The operation was successful but has left Marty physically very weak, and he has been in Intensive Care.
He will be working from the hospital and home for some time until he regains his physical strength.

Mentally, as sharp as ever, he cannot wait to get back into the office, and is in touch with the people daily. Marty asked that his heartfelt thanks for all of good wishes and support for his speedy recovery be passed along.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tekno Books on a number of projects, including the upcoming Vampire Chef books (by my alter-ego Sarah Zettel), and I certainly add my best wishes for a complete and rapid recovery.

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