In the Future, Tense

May 9, 2010

Me at Romantic Times – Post 2

Thursday at Romantic Times was the day of my one panel, on fantasy world-building.  I had to unfortunately breeze right past the estimable John Scalzi on the way to it.  BTW, did I mention yet that the Columbus convention center is friggin HUGE?  Well, it’s friggin’ HUGE!  And you have to allow about as much time to get between panels as you did to get to class between buildings when you were in college.

Anyhow, the panel was me, Karen Miller and an agent whose name I am now blanking on.  It was fairly well-atteneded, but veered off fast from world-building into the business of publishing.  That’s okay with me.  I’m glad to share what info I can.

After that it was time to meet Beth Vaughn and Rebecca York for lunch in the hotel resteraunt.  The place was pretty much your average for a hotel, kinda slow service because they didn’t lay on enough staff for the big event, and over-priced, but I’ve got to say they have an absolutely KILLER chicken-tortilla soup.  I could’ve eaten that all day.



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