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October 8, 2009

What Do I Watch Now?

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It is one of the burdens of my life that I am a fan of the Detroit Tigers.

This isn’t nearly as bad as being, say a Chicago Cubs fan, but it does mean my season came to a rather abrupt end on Monday.

It also means I’m scrounging around for something to watch.

I don’t have a lot of time for TV in my life.  Between the writing and the seven-year-old and wanting to spend a little time talking with the DH (Darling Husband), there isn’t a lot left over.  And in the baseball season, I watch baseball, which I like to think of as the ultimate in Reality TV (although with steroids and all we could debate the reality part) and competitive cooking shows, which are an embarassing private vice that we need never mention again.

But I do like TV.  I like dramas and mysteries and SF.  Comedies, not so much anymore because they seem to have gotten very mean spirited.  But I’m stuck this season as to finding something NEW to watch.  I tried “Glee” because I adore musicals, but couldn’t get past the first 15 minutes and a lot of new dramatic TV, if you’re not watching every episode from the get-go (something even with DVRs I rarely get to do) you can’t follow the plot and as the baseball season ends some weeks after the new TV season begins, which kind of leaves me at a disadvantage.

So.  What are you watching?  What are you enjoying?  What’s worth checking out this season, and more importantly, what can I get started on several weeks in?


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