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May 15, 2009

New Le Guin

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Cat Tai ChiI’m a big Ursula Le Guin fan and have been for years.  So, I’m just grooving on this:

Le Guin Comics at

In the tradition of Bunditsu: The Art of Cat Arranging, Book View Café presents Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Cat T’ai Chi.” In addition for the next three months, one of BVC’s Thursday Specials will be Le Guin’s comics, including “Pilllow Book for Cats” and “Supermouse.” These one-of-a-kind comics, exclusive to Book View Café, represent some of the more unusual offerings at the website which also has an early screenplay from Le Guin, “King Dog.”

Cat Tai Chi” is currently available for reading online with plans to make it available as an ebook soon.


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