In the Future, Tense

June 7, 2010


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And not in a good way. Here’s the story:

Oh, and that street in the photo? I lived on that street in college.

Saturday night, the rain and the wind came down, and just as we were settling down to sleep, the sirens went off.  We did something we rarely, if ever, do, and actually grabbed our son and hit the basement.  Nothing happened but some flooding and some games of Othello on the iPhone.  So we all went back to bed.

Then it all happened again.

I actually did something I saw my father do as a kid, which was go out into the storm and look up, judging that the feel of the air and the look of the sky was as accurate as anything the news could tell me.  We had both laptops and the cell phone on to get the latest news, and stayed awake until the all clear.  It was a very futuristic storm for us old fogies.  My son just thought the whole thing was weird, and promptly fell back asleep.

I was willing to believe I’d overreacted, until the news started coming in.  Now the final total was eight touchdowns across the state.  Thirty miles south of us, houses were flattened and local businesses damaged, including an indoor water park.  Our thoughts however, are with the folks of Dundee, and my old not-much-loved but still suburb of Trenton, who were less lucky.

There are few times in your life when you really know you’ve dodged the bullet.  As I walked around our neighborhood yesterday under a sky of rainwashed blue, seeing no tree limbs down, all the houses safe and solid, and nothing worse than some blossoms squashed under all the rain, it was one of those times.


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