In the Future, Tense

May 10, 2010

Me at Romantic Times – Post 3

Woke up fairly early on Friday, mostly because the internal clock won’t let me sleep late.  Had convivial breakfast with Beth Vaughn.  Hit the How to Write a Comic Book panel.  They had an artist drawing scenes on a white board as the editor and author talked through the various aspects of scripting and layout.  V. informative.

Met Catherine Asaro for lunch and had a good talk.  By then it was time to get ready for the Big Event —

The EBook Expo.

Things I learned getting ready for The Big Event:

1) Get everything organized the night before.

2) Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need.  You’ll need it.

3) Under no circumstances believe the little voice in your head saying “Well, I don’t have THAT much to do…”


So, yes, in case you were wondering, there was some scramble and panic.  Including the fact that they had me down as an author, not as the book distributor Book View Cafe.  I put on my grim face, but I didn’t need it.  They quickly got me a table and I was able to get the raffle baskets set up, the coupons, business cards and flyers and postcards laid out, the signs stood up.  I brought extra cord for tying the banner to the table and it even proved possible to tie the banner to the table.

Here’s me at the table:

I am pleased to report the Book View Cafe table got good traffic.  I gave  away lots of flyers, coupons, and post cards and collected a good number of registrations.  I also got to do a bit of shmoozing with the Publisher’s Weekly rep and the Romantic Times columnist, so, all in all, it was a good afternoon’s work.

Afterwards took myself out to dinner to the Elevator Brewery.   No, I still don’t drink, but this was where I went with the SF authors on Wednesday, so I knew it was within easy walking disance and had good food.  In fact, if you follow the link, that steak on the front page is what I had the first time.

Then it was back for that grand convention past time of hanging out in the bar, until it was time for the Vampire Ball.  So, this time we got Vampires on line:

What you can’t see really well in this picture below is that the scarlet A is actually a scarlet A+:

Baron Samdi here was good enough that I didn’t know he was the army sergeant I’d been joshing with all weekend:


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