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April 24, 2010

The Hate, I Haz It

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Every couple of years, I am forced to go shoe shopping.

Yes, you read me right.  Forced.

I hate shoe shopping.  I have always hated shoe shopping.  Even shopping for clothing as a woman of queenly proportions is not and never has been as difficult as shoe shopping.

See, I’ve got short, wide feet.  Wide hips are not fashionable, but there are good stores in the area where I can get nice, flattering clothes.  But shoes?  Forget about it.

But I’m getting ready to go to the Romantic Times Booklovers convention and my reliable pair of comfy-yet-dressy shoes are no longer presentable.  So, I had to take a day off, grit my teeth, and set out.

First, I drove 45 minutes to the Easy Spirit store.  No, I didn’t try in town.  I’ve already canvased the local shoe stores.  In the local mall a new store advertising comfortable shoes opened.  I went in, I said “I have wide feet.”  The guy didn’t even bother to take a measurement.  Just said “We’ve got no wide.”

Usually, Easy Spirit though is a good bet.  But not this year.  I tried on every flat in the place, and the ones I could actually get my feet into were actively painful.  I’d noticed the nearby department store had Hushpuppies.  Those can be a good bet, so I went in and sat down.  And sat, and sat, and sat and sat, and a half hour later, the overworked sales person finally got me a couple pairs to try.  And they hurt.

I was severely frustrated by then, but, a woman in the other store upon hearing my troubles said there was this store in the next town that had wide widths.  I stopped for lunch and called them.  They heard my size, checked their stock.  Yes, they had my size.  I found them with my GPS and drove out.  And got lost.  And redid the directions, and got lost but this time really close to the store.  Went in, and found two pair, fairly comfortable with reasonable styling.  I bought my shoes, reversed my directions and drove home.

I set out at 9:30 am.  I got home at 3:00 pm.  Whole effin’ day shot, just trying to buy shoes.

I HATE shoe shopping.


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