In the Future, Tense

May 6, 2009

Starting Over

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img_0023Contrary to popular belief, the waiting is not the hardest part.

The best way to deal with the Long Wait for an answer from a publisher is to start a new project.  That way you have something not only to keep your mind off how long you’ve been waiting, but hopefully you’ve got something new underway if that answer is “no.”

Unfortunately, for me anyway, starting over is the hardest part.

It’s not getting the idea that’s the problem.  I have plenty of ideas to spare.  It’s that I’ve gone from apoint where I’m intimately familiar with the story; I know the characters like they’re friends and I’m positive about what each one of them will say and do in any given scene.  There are at least portions of the story I can look at and say, “Dang! That’s good!”

But then that’s gone out into the ether, or, more rarely these days, the mail box, and I am faced with a blank screen and a head full of ideas that I know will somehow not survive the translation into muscle movement and then pixels.

It is the weirdest, most frustrating feeling in the universe to try to put an idea on the screen or the page, and to look at what you’ve written and say “But that’s not what I MEANT!”  But you’ve got no idea how to say what you do mean.

I’m going through this right now.  I’m starting up a new project, a slower-than-light, steampunk space opera.  Should be fun.  We’ve got an ancient martian menace, mysterious telepathic Europans and an Earth that has fallen to “the Billion Enemies.”  I believe it will be a series. The working title for the first book is THE CLOCKWORK CUCKOO.  So far, so good.

But the writing itself is painful.  I know nothing about any of these people, not even their names in most cases.  I get two sentences down and I have to stop again to make a note or go look something up.    I’m more easily distracted too, simply because this is the time of Sitting and Staring which can very easily turn into Staring at the laundry, which turns into doing the laundry, which turns into needing to get out of the house, which turns into anything but writing.

Funny how blogging tends to work like that too.  Heigh-ho.  Better get back to the beginning.


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