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May 5, 2009

Pictures from Penguicon

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Sorry for the silence.  I spent the weekend at Penguicon, Michigan’s science fiction and open source programming convention.  And while I was there, I saw many… interesting people.

For instance, there were Tron, and the Delivery Yak:


Then, of course, there were pirates:


All kinds of pirates.


Being an open source con, they naturally had good tech support.


And, I gotta say, the con was very serious about security.


Although, they did let these guys in:


But then, that’s what I like most about conventions, people you would never expect to see together get to hang out and enjoy themselves.




  1. Yak? I suppose there might be some resemblance.

    Comment by Orvan Ox — May 9, 2009 @ 6:08 pm | Reply

  2. Oh, dear, was it ox? I was told it was a yak. I feel…so bovinically incorrect.

    Comment by carolynanderson09 — May 10, 2009 @ 3:26 pm | Reply

    • Yep, Ox. As can be seen on the ID badge in this photo from last year’s Penguicon:

      I seem to get mistaken for a yak, a gnu (makes some sense at Penguicon, from a distance perhaps) and even a moose! Moose? My horns look nothing like antlers. There seems to be a fair amount of species confusion amongst some folks. I can hardly blame you, working from second-hand information.

      Comment by Orvan Ox — May 10, 2009 @ 7:08 pm | Reply

  3. Yeah, I can see the gnu, and possibly even a highland steer, and to be fair, I was acting on information I was given that did not turn out to be accurate (which just says that one should verify all such information), but I’m with you on the otherone You looked _nothing_ like a moose.

    Comment by carolynanderson09 — May 11, 2009 @ 3:22 pm | Reply

    • I understand the gnu thing, at least at Penguicon with the GNU folks around. The yak thing, well, a yak is still bovine, so it’s not too bad. You are right that the moose thing is a real puzzler.

      I might have some highland ancestry. I can certainly see a resemblance myself, what with my fur color and horn shape. But don’t let the absence of a nose ring fool you about the steer thing. As I’ve said elsewhere, “ox” means educated rather than… abbreviated. But I know you only meant the general resemblance and highland does seem a strong possibility.

      Working off of second-hand (or later) information does tend to let error creep into things. And it’s not as if you could have gotten it from the horse’s (well, ox’s) mouth easily before publication – it’s not likely you’d have found me while looking for a yak. Thank you for the acknowledgement and for the explanation of the misidentification.

      Comment by Orvan Ox — May 11, 2009 @ 5:27 pm | Reply

  4. And I promise to be more careful with my follow-up procedures in future.

    Comment by carolynanderson09 — May 12, 2009 @ 2:25 pm | Reply

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